About The Project

Our goal is to provide the NFT community with something new and different. It is not going to be a typical endeavor, as you may have seen in recent weeks.
The Pharaohs are more than just NFTs; they're protectors of the SOLANA TREASURE.
Your Pharaoh will give you a special token every two weeks, allowing you to participate in a Treasure Hunt! - our unique royalty sharing scheme.
The most essential thing to us is to build a strong community around the project, so we're going to share 77.7% of our royalties with minters and holders in the form of a Treasure Hunt! We'll go through this in further depth later.
What we can tell you right now is that, on average, your NFT purchase will pay for itself within eight weeks, according to our calculations!

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About Pharaohs

Mysterious Pharaohs NFT is the collection of 4,444 programmatically generated ancient-style characters protecting the SOLANA TREASURE.
Each of the 4,444 Mysterious Pharaohs is generated from over 200 different hand-drawn traits.
The Egyptian pharaohs are shrouded in mystery. What are their origins? What are they looking for? For the time being, all we know is that they are guarding the SOLANA TREASURE, which you can obtain by minting your own Pharaoh.
Join us on a thrilling adventure to uncover more mysteries and take part in the Treasure Hunt!

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is our way of sharing royalties with the community.
When treasure hunt starts, each holder/minter gets a sarcophagus NFT, containing Pharaoh’s Treasure. They are then able to open the sarcophagus using our special website.
Each sarcophagus has something inside, there are no empty ones.
However, some hold more precious items than others. Some might even contain special NFTs 👀
The loot is randomly allocated - everyone has the same chance of hitting a big prize.
Loot size depends on royalties - the more we earn, the more we give back.
Hunt number 1 will be for minters only. The following biweekly hunts will be for holders only.
Join our discord server for more info - section #treasure-hunt contains a more detailed explanation of the process as well as page mock ups!

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Project in Numbers

Of royalties
0.77 SOL


  • Launch of the website and social media profiles

    Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord Community Server!

  • Photo Teasers

    We are revealing some of our Pharaohs daily on our Twitter page; make sure to follow it to see more!

  • Whitelist

    We are currently whitelisting people who will be eligible for presale. Slots are still available, join our Discord server to find out more!


    200 Pharaohs will be open to mint for whitelisted members, at a lower price (0.49 SOL).

  • Project listed on marketplaces

    We will contact leading Solana NFT marketplaces to ensure the project is listed before the main drop so that sales can begin immediately after.

  • Main MINT

    Drop of the remaining Pharaohs, open to the wider public.

  • Rarity chart released

    We are looking to release a rarity chart the day after the main drop sells out so that it is easier to estimate the market value of your Pharaoh.

  • First Treasure Hunt Begins

    The Minters will be airdropped a special NFT to enable them to participate in a Treasure Hunt - our unique royalty sharing system.

  • Biweekly Treasure Hunt for Holders

    Every two weeks, the current holders will be airdropped a new Treasure Hunt NFT.


    Chapter 2 details have been shared on our discord server. Join and see channel #📖chapter-2-info to learn more!



Our Team

The vision of Mysterious Project has been floating around the great mind of AncientExplorer for months.
He is responsible for the strategic aspect of our project, as well as maintaining and supervising our community Discord Server


MysteriousArtist is a professional Graphic Designer with years of experience.
His portfolio includes working with numerous big-name brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Ubisoft, and a number of others.


MysteriousDev is our big brain responsible for developing and designing our web pages, databases, and APIs.
Everything we do is being built in-house to ensure the stability and safety of the Project.


Our Community

Our goal is to build a very strong community of Treasure Hunters, who will stick around for the entire Mysterious Project, hunt treasures with us, and explore the upcoming chapters. Trust us; it is worth the wait.
We encourage you to join our Discord Server and follow our Twitter page to be up to date and unveil the mystery with us!

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